Beavers wear badges on their uniform to identify which group they’re part of and to show what activities and challenges they’ve completed.  We describe some of these briefly below.  A diagram of where each of them should be placed on the uniform can be found here.


Core badges

There are a number of core badges, which Beavers are given when they join the Colony, during investiture. These describe the Colony that you are now part of and include the group name tape, county and district badges, the membership award and the group badge which we wear on the back of the scarf.

cycling beavers

Activity badges

A wide range of activity badges are available, encouraging Beavers not only to excel in their existing skills and hobbies, but also to try out many new activities and to discover new interests.  Examples include:

  • Adventure activity badge;
  • Animal friend activity badge;
  • Creative activity badge;
  • Experiment activity badge;
  • Healthy eating activity badge;
  • Hobbies activity badge.

Challenge Awards

Gaining a challenge award involves accomplishing a number of more ambitious tasks within the Colony or community. Challenge awards range across different themes, from those based on outdoors and physical activities to challenges relating to the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world.  The highest award achievable as a Beaver is the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.