Renewal Plans

In recent times, our finances have unfortunately not allowed us to dedicate sufficient funds to maintaining the Scout Hut, and at the beginning of this year a decision finally had to be taken to either shut it down or invest properly for the future.  Following professional advice, a three-year plan was drawn up to rebuild the hut and work to enact this began in February.

The project is split up into three key phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: install a replacement floor, upgrade the electrics, install suitable smoke detection & fire safety equipment, and repair the windows;
  • Phase 2: replace the roof, address insulation, and install a more energy efficient and effective heating system;
  • Phase 3: upgrade the kitchen and toilets and make additional improvements to the grounds. 

The first phase of the project has focused exclusively on work deemed necessary to ensure that the hut and grounds are in a safe and water-tight condition and this is now nearing completion.

Our next priority is the roof.  While this is no longer leaking, a recent survey suggests that it needs to be replaced.  This, together with improved insulation and an upgraded heating system will constitute the second phase of works.  Beyond that, plans for the final phase include installation of a new kitchen and toilets, alongside additional improvements to the surroundings.

This is an exciting project for us, which will see the hut restored to its former glory and provide a legacy for the future.  However, this is also a very significant undertaking for us financially.  We estimate the total investment to be around £50,000 and we are asking for your support in reaching this target.  There are many ways in which you can help us achieve this from supporting our regular fundraising events, arranging sponsorship for your own events, or through corporate matching and employer support.  Find out more on our fundraising page.

The Scout hut is in a fantastic location and, with the initial work complete, makes an ideal venue for parties or group activities.  Find out more about the facilities available, or make a booking now by filling in our online form.  All proceeds will go towards the refurbishment plans and make yet another simple way in which you can support the project.