Joining Cubs

We currently operate a waiting list system due to the large amount of interest in this group.  While we endeavour to move all children from Beavers up to Cubs, this is dependent on having enough Section Leaders to run activities.  Where additional places remain we warmly welcome enquiries for new joiners to the group.  If your child is interested in joining, please contact us.  If we cannot offer a place immediately, we will be able to let you know as soon as a place becomes available.  Our full admissions policy can be found here.


Requirements for new joiners 

Kub Car Racing

  • Record Cards - All parents of new members must ensure that they complete a record card. This card provides us with contact details together with medical and dietary requirements. Please note that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the data is kept up to date and any changes should be advised to the section leaders.  This is particular relevant to email addresses, since we use this media as a primary means of communication with parents; for issuing the activity spreadsheet together with information in respect of trips etc. 
  • Uniform - Uniforms can be obtained from Broadbridges in Haywards Heath, or ordered directly from the Scout Shop found on the internet. The uniform consists of blue activity trousers, cub polo and sweater. Neckas (group scarves) travel through the group (Beavers moving to cubs should continue to use the ones they have). If you do not have a Necka, they can be purchased from the leaders.
  • Badges – Some of the badges also travel across from Beavers to Cubs (see the Cubs Powerpack) such as the Membership, County, and District badges together with the name tape.
  • Subscriptions – These should be returned to the section leaders.


Activity spreadsheet

We issue an activity spreadsheet by email each term outlining the activities we have planned, together with names of parent helpers.  We will also try to advise you of uniform and any additional requirements at this time, e.g. drop off point, waterproof clothing etc.  We also publicise the activities here on the website for reference.  The activities may be subject to change and this should be used purely as a guide.  Please note that activities outside of the hut require a minimum of 1 adult helper for 6 cubs.



Investiture for new Cubs usually happens later on in the term that they start.  Parents are encouraged to attend and see their child being invested.  We will provide you with details of this as the date approaches.


Additional Information

The Scout Association web site contains a wide range of extra information that you may find helpful.